About of Company

The Egyptian Holding company for silos & storage which has established in 2002,aims to develop the grain storage system in Egypt for saving the stock ,in order to minimize any possible losses and to maintain safe strategic stock for the country & create new attractive areas along with agricultural expansion for the sake of encouraging the farmers to cultivate both wheat & grains beside the silo sites.


 Future Projects 

The Egyptian Holding Company for Silos &Storage has 2.2 million tons of storage capacity ,of which 2.1 million tons of silos and 0.1 million tons of improved hanger distributed across the governorates of the Republic.

Bany salama silo in giza  governorate with a storage capacity of 90.000 tons.

Barg El-Arab silo in Alexandria governorate with a storage capacity of 90 thousand tons.

Al-Kharga silo in Al-Wadi El-Gdid governorate with a storage capacity of 60 thousand tons .

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