Establishment & tasks

The Egyptian Holding Company for Silos & Storage has established in 2002according to the decision of the Prime Minister no. 1682at 2002 , the company shall manage, operate, develop silos activities, and in order to achieve this, the company has the following competencies:

  • Establishment and operation of silos needed to store grain to meet the needs of the country through the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade.
  • Implement the approved policies, plans and programs for the development of silos activities and develop appropriate procedures.
  • Receiving wheat from farmers and suppliers through the local wheat season and storing it in silos annually for consumption throughout the year.
  • Maintaining grain quality through monitoring and carrying out the necessary maintenance.
  • Eliminate the percentage of losses that reach about 10% to 15% as a result of storage in the Shaunas and the open air.
  • Developing the storage activity in the field of grain in Egypt in order to preserve the stock and access to the least possible loss.
  • Creating new attractions and agricultural expansion by encouraging farmers to grow wheat and grains next to the areas where silos are being built.
  • Reduce the average price of wheat purchase throughout the year as a result of the entry of the global market for the purchase at the right time for the existence of safe balances within the country.