Quality Commitment

The company is concerned with the safety and quality of wheat that the company stores and distributes it to the mill companies to produceflour that conforms to the specifications, which in turn affects in the bread provided to the citizens. The company has a number of quality laboratories to examine all types of wheat supplied to the company by taking samples and examining them in order to ensure that they are free of insects and rot and abnormal changes, and then analysis should be made which are represented in the specific weight and the proportions of impurities and humidity, to ensure that the wheat conform to the approved specifications.

The company is committed to the implementation of the quality policy in accordance with the standards adopted globally in the various fields:-

  • Concern for the safety of the human element based on implementation (health - scientifically).
  • Grain quality and safety to ensure that it conforms to Egyptian and international standards.
  • Quality and safety of equipment and facilities used for storage and handling.