Training & Development

The company works to keep abreast of the technological development in the fields of the company's work through the following:

  • Implementation of external training courses (universities and specialized institutes) in all work fields of the company.
  • Implementation of internal courses by the distinguished elements of the company in all work fields of the company.
  • Providing the necessary facilities for the personal qualification of the company's employees.
  • Keep up with the latest technology in storage, handling and execution of training courses in coordination with specialized international bodies.

The company has trained groups of engineers, technicians and administrators in various scientific and technical specialties related to storage, quality, marketing, accounting, management and other specialties. Some of them have obtained a master's degree in some of these fields and are currently working in project management, operation and maintenance. The company also completes the stages of training its delegates with internal training programs in both public institutes and universities or on-the-job training to qualify and develop the abilities and skills of the employee, the details of the internship are as follows:-

  • Programs in the administrative and financial field: To focus on specialized programs in the administrative and financial field in order to develop and improve their practical competence in the work assigned to them.
  • Programs in specialized technical fields: to focus on developing the capabilities and skills of staff in the maintenance of precision hardware and silos.
  • Programs in the field of computer: The goal of mastering computer applications and maintenance
  • Industrial safety and occupational safety programs: to focus on the field of industrial security and safety in order to provide employees with the basic skills in the work of fire fighting and security guards and prepare for emergency and understanding the principles and means to achieve security in industrial facilities.